LAST UPDATE : 29th August 2017




The domain of HOT, HUMONGOUS and NASTY AMAZONS who rule the world of tiny men !!


This website features the kinky, seductive, romantic side of huge, thickly built - well endowed amazon women who love to toy with diminutive men.

The fact that I love women with muscles and power enough to easily control the body and mind of the opposite sex, inspired me to start this web-site. However this website is totally fictitious and bears no resemblance on any individuals personal life.

This website is only possible because of outstanding developments made by Daz3D studio and Poser softwares. All the rendered images are a result of Daz3D, Poser team and I thank them for turning fantasies, dreams into images depicted in this website.

Some of my previous works can be found on www.amazonlove.org. This website inspired me a lot and for that I am thankful to the moderator Jason. Special mention - Thanks Robto for motivation and some guidance into opening this web-site.

This website will mostly feature illustrated stories and will be updated weekly with about 16 renders in the initial stages, being the sole administrator of this site. However once I get the grab on all the things - which should be very soon and also depending on the response I get, I plan to update with more renders. There could be times when my health condition will prevent me from updating the site regularly. As such anyone with issues related to payment or complaints regarding irregular updates will be dealt with promptly. I want to keep everyone happy and there is no point leaving anyone disgruntled. So send me an email if anything bothers you and it will be taken care of immediately leaving you satisfied with the outcome.

I am open to suggestions and urge visitors to submit their stories, fantasies at webmaster@kinkyamazons.com for future renders. Submitted stories will be properly screened and if selected, the appropriate authors will be notified of renders in the following update.

Please note that I will not entertain any member / future member of this web-site submitting any stolen story. You must provide proof of originality upon request.